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Top 10 NASA Inventions (Greatest Achievements)

Top 10 NASA Inventions (Greatest Achievements)We only thought that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is only concern about the Space Explorations when we heard the name. But we are wrong because they are also great inventors of many modern and useful things.

Did you know that NASA invented the swimsuits. And because of the Apollo missions, they were able to invent the Freeze-dried foods. And when it comes to the tires of our cars, they are also behind its long-lasting life, because the materials that are used in the modern tires came from the materials used in the Viking lander's parachutes.

Now for this top ten article, we are showcasing some of the inventions invented by NASA. Have some time to read and checkout the 10 listed NASA inventions below.

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TOP : 10
Invention : Invisible Braces
About : Clear ceramic braces come from translucent polycrystalline alumina. TPA is incredible strong and was used by NASA to protect infrared detectors.

Invisible Braces
Invisible Braces

TOP : 9
Invention : Freeze-dried Meals
About : Foodstuffs developed fro the Apollo missions and now sold worldwide. Such food retains 98% of its nutritional values but weighs 80% less.

Freeze-dried Meals
Freeze-dried Meals

TOP : 8
Invention : Ear Thermometer
About : These thermometers use infrared sensors to measure heat given off by the eardrum. NASA developed the technology to monitor the temperature of stars.

Ear Thermometer
Ear Thermometer

TOP : 7
Invention : Swimsuits
About : Using rubber covered tiny grooves reduces drag and makes swimsuits 10% faster. NASA originally used these riblets in aerospace components.


TOP : 6
Invention : Memory Foam
About : Created for NASA aircraft seats to soften landing and now used in mattresses. Returns to its original shape even if compressed to 10% of its size.

Memory Foam
Memory Foam

TOP : 5
Invention : Long-life Tires
About : The Viking lander's parachutes used a material 5 times stronger than steel. This technology helped to extend the life of road tires by 10,000 miles.

Long-life Tires
Long-life Tires

TOP : 4
Invention : Scratch-resistant Lenses
About : Astronauts' visors used a diamond-like carbon coating to prevent scratches. Now used to give glasses 10 times the conventional scratch resistance.

Scratch-resistant Lenses
Scratch-resistant Lenses

TOP : 3
Invention : Adjustable Smoke Detector
About : These alarm have various sensitivity levels to prevent false alarms. They were developed for use on the Skylab space station.

Adjustable Smoke Detector
Adjustable Smoke Detector

TOP : 2
Invention : Water Filters
About : Domestic water filter systems are derived from those used on the Apollo spacecraft. These used filters that sanitized water via silver ionization.

Water Filters
Water Filters

TOP : 1
Invention : Cordless Tools
About : In order to take samples, the moon landings required drills. Cordless, battery-powered tools were born.

Cordless Tools
Cordless Tools

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