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Top 10 Unexplained Discoveries by Science

Top 10 Unexplained Discoveries by ScienceDid you know that during the 150 BC there is already a computer that calculates planet movements? And did you also know that there is a creature under the Atlantic ocean that stayed the same or did not evolve for millions of years?

There are so many unexplained discoveries in our planet today that even Science cannot say anything about them. The question is, will these discoveries remain just mysteries? Or there will come a time that researchers and scientists will be able to show some valid explanation about these discoveries?

Have some time to read and checkout the 10 listed unexplained discoveries below. Here is your top 10 unexplained discoveries by Science.

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TOP : 10
Discovery : The Taos Hum
Source : Live Science
About : 2% of the population of Taos, New Mexico report hearing an unexplainable humming noise. Scientists have been unable to find the source it was reported in the 1990s.

The Taos Hum
The Taos Hum

TOP : 9
Discovery : Sea of Galilee
Source : Science Daily/Discovery
About : A strange cone-shaped underwater monument revealed by sonar in 2013. Weighing 60,000 tons, it was built 6000 years ago and submerged by rising waters.

Strange cone-shaped underwater monument under the Sea of Galilee
Strange cone-shaped underwater monument under the Sea of Galilee

TOP : 8
Discovery : Antikythera Mechanism
Source : The Guardian
About : This 150 BC clockwork computer calculates the movements of the planets. Discovered in 1901, researchers remain mystified as to how it works, or who invented it.

Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism

TOP : 7
Discovery : Paleodictyon Nodosum
Source : RI Aus/Ny Times
About : A mysterious creature in the Atlantic that creates perfectly hexagonal burrows. Scientists are searching for the creature which hasn't evolved for 50 million years.

Paleodictyon Nodosum
Paleodictyon Nodosum

TOP : 6
Discovery : Godzillus Fossil
Source : io9.com/Discovery
About : Known as the Sea Beast of Cincinnati, this 7 feet fossil was uncovered in 2012. Scientists are even unsure whether it's from an animal or plant remnant.

Godzillus Fossil
Godzillus Fossil

TOP : 5
Discovery : The Upsweep
Source : Live Science
About : A sound coming from under the Pacific Ocean has mystified scientists since 1991. Whales and underwater volcanoes have been considered as possible causes.

Pacific Ocean - The Upsweep
Pacific Ocean - The Upsweep

TOP : 4
Discovery : The Placebo Effect
Source : New Scientist
About : Placebo drugs have been shown to relieve pain and reduce symptoms of Parkinson's. How our body heals simply through mind power is unknown.

The Placebo Effect
The Placebo Effect

TOP : 3
Discovery : Dark Flow
Source : Space.com
About : A force pushes a patch of matter through the universe at breakneck speeds. Unexplained by known gravitational forces, the source may lie outside the observable universe.

Dark Flow
Dark Flow

TOP : 2
Discovery : Kepler 78b
Source : Science Daily
About : A similar size and density to Earth, this lava covered planet orbits its star every 8.5 hours. The heat should make it impossible for a planet to form so close to its star.

Kepler 78b
Kepler 78b

TOP : 1
Discovery : The Naga Fireballs
Source : Rough Guides
About : Unexplained fireball appearing from the Mekong River (Thailand) each October. Legend says river serpents breathe out the fire to call Buddha to return to Earth.

The Naga Fireballs
The Naga Fireballs

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