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Top 10 Failed Terrorist Attacks

Top 10 Failed Terrorist AttacksWhy is it that some people will do anything (even evil things) just for the sake of religion? They will even kill or take suicide to also kill others. They can bomb a train, airplane, a building and other public places. They can even take train themselves to be a professional airplane pilot, maneuver that airplane and crash that plane including themselves into a building. What do you think are the causes of this scary thinking or maybe philosophy? Are they possessed, addict or they think the world is just like a video game, where they can kill people as long as they want to?

On the other hand, some of the terrorist attacks are not always a success. Many of these attacks are failures also. And that is the topic that we have now for this particular article.

Some of the places included for this top ten list are Spain, USA, UK, Jordan, Yemen, France and Philippines. Now have some time to read and check out the 10 listed places below wherein terrorists failed to sabotage and destroy. Here are your top 10 failed terrorist attacks.

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TOP : 10
Location : Bilbao, Spain
Year : 1997
About : Basque separatists ETA target King Juan Carlos using grenades. The plot is uncovered one day before the king's arrival for a museum opening.
Source : BBC, Daily Mail - UK

Bilbao, Spain
Bilbao, Spain

TOP : 9
Location : Detroit, USA
Year : 2009
About : Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempts to blow up a passenger plane over Detroit. A bomb hidden in his underwear fails to go off and burns only him.
Source : BBC, Independent - UK, USA Today

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

TOP : 8
Location : London, UK
Year : 1991
About : The IRA attempt to assassinate the British Prime Minister John Major. Three mortar bombs are fired on downing street. No one is killed.
Source : BBC, Guardian-UK, Daily Telegraph-UK, NY Times

John Major
John Major

TOP : 7
Location : Boston, USA
Year : 2001
About : Richard Reid tries to blow up an airliner carrying 197 people. The shoe bomber is overpowered by passengers and crew before he can ignite the bomb.
Source : BBC

Richard Reid
Richard Reid

TOP : 6
Location : New York City, USA
Year : 1973
About : Black September plant 3 car bombs outside Israeli targets that fail to detonate. Khalid Duhham Al-jawary, the main suspect, evades capture for 18 years.
Source : MSNBC, FOX News

Khalid Duhham Al-jawary
Khalid Duhham Al-jawary

TOP : 5
Location : London, UK
Year : 2005
About : London's transport system is targeted by bombers whose devices fail to explode. The attack comes 2 weeks after an almost identical attack left 52 dead.
Source : BBC

London's transport system bombing
London's transport system bombing

TOP : 4
Location : London, UK
Year : 2006
About : Pan to blow up 10 transatlantic airlines using liquid explosives. MI5 foils the attack after conducting the UK's largest surveillance operation.
Source : BBC, New York Times

United Transatlantic Airline
United Transatlantic Airline

TOP : 3
Location : USA, Jordan, Yemen
Year : Dec 1999 and January 2000
About : Police foil bombings of Lax and Western targets in Jordan by Islamic militants. In Yemen, a bomb-laden boat sinks before hitting USS the Sullivans.
Source : PBS

LAX Airport
LAX Airport

TOP : 2
Location : Tyler, Texas, USA
Year : 2003
About : White supremacists stockpile enough sodium cyanide to kill everyone inside a 30,000 square foot area. Ultimately apprehended, their target remains unknown.
Source : LA Times, CS Monitor, USA Today

Texas, USA
Texas, USA

TOP : 1
Location : Philippines, USA, France, UK
Year : The Islamist Bojinka Plot is discovered after a chemical fire. The pope, nuclear power plant and 12 US commercial aircraft are some of their targets.
Source : Global Security

Philippines, USA, France, UK
Philippines, USA, France, UK

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