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Top 10 Infamous Computer Hackers

Top 10 Infamous Computer HackersIf you are a computer genius, the chances that you can hack even the highest and most secured websites are very, very high. Computer hacking can be good or bad, it depends upon the reason why you wanna hack a system, database or a website. Some of the most hackable type of websites are websites made up of Wordpress and Joomla. These two popular CMS are the most used CMS today by webmasters and even by just an ordinary blogger.

But if you can hack even the Google or Yahoo websites and also the CIA, FBI and NASA, that would be amazing but on the other hand that's a total crime. We must always remember that it is against the law to violate privacy of others or even altering others property.

For this top ten article we are showcasing some of the most famous computer hackers. Yes! they only became famous because they have done bad thing which is hacking. Have some time to read and check out the 10 listed hackers below. Here are your top 10 infamous computer hackers in the world.

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TOP : 10
Hacker : Gary McKinnon
About : Infiltrated 97 US military and NASA computers, installing hacking software and deleting files. McKinnon was looking for evidence of UFOs.

Gary McKinnon
Gary McKinnon

TOP : 9
Hacker : LulzSec
About : Group that has attacked Sony, News International, the CIA, the FBI and Scotland Yard. Several high-profile members have been arrested.


TOP : 8
Hacker : Adrian Lamo
About : Hacked Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and the New York Times. Went into hiding after turning WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning over to FBI.

Adrian Lamo
Adrian Lamo

TOP : 7
Hacker : Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce
About : Hacked US military computers and used them to infiltrate foreign systems. Nearly sparked an international incident between USA and North Korea.

Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce
Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

TOP : 6
Hacker : Jonathan James
About : Forced NASA to shut down its network after stealing software that controlled the living environment on the International Space Station.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James

TOP : 5
Hacker : Kevin Poulsen
About : Rigged a radio station call-in contest to win a Porsche. Jailed after breaking into federal databases and obtaining classified US Air Force info.

Kevin Poulsen
Kevin Poulsen

TOP : 4
Hacker : Kevin Mitnick
About : Hacked the Pentagon, Nokia and Motorola. Hunted by the FBI and served 5 years in jail. Once banned from using the internet and touching a keyboard for 3 years.

Kevin Mitnick
Kevin Mitnick

TOP : 3
Hacker : Anonymous
About : Hacktivist group that campaigns for internet freedom. The Chinese government, the Vatican, the FBI and CIA are just some of its many targets.

Anonymous hackers
Anonymous hackers

TOP : 2
Hacker : ASTRA (Real Identity Classified)
About : Greek mathematician who stole and sold weapons technology data. Jailed for causing damages of over $360 million.

ASTRA - anonymous hacker
ASTRA - anonymous hacker

TOP : 1
Hacker : Albert "segvec" Gonzalez
About : Part of the TJX identity theft ring that stole 36 million credit card numbers. The cost of the hack is thought to exceed $400 million.

Albert "segvec" Gonzalez
Albert "segvec" Gonzalez

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Please be noted that the top 10 that we are including here in our blog are all unofficial rankings unless otherwise noted. Most of the top ten lists are based on Google search results and collected mainly from different blogs and websites around the internet world.

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