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Top 10 Extraordinary Medical Treatments

Top 10 Extraordinary Medical TreatmentsDid you know that maggots are very useful for many treatments today? And did you know that smoking and laughing are very effective treatments for various diseases? Well, well, well I recommend that you read the listed facts below first before you continue your smoking.

For this top ten article, we are showcasing some of the most extraordinary medical treatments ever created and innovated by people in the field of medicine. Have some time to read and checkout the 10 listed medical treatments below.

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TOP : 10
Treatment : Helminthic Therapy
Source : BBC
About : By naturally suppressing the immune system, parasitic worms can help treat autoimmune diseases like M.S (Multiple sclerosis).

Helminthic Therapy
Helminthic Therapy

TOP : 9
Treatment : Bloodletting
Source : BCMJ
About : This ancient and dangerous method of extracting blood killed George Washington. It is still used for ailments such as iron accumulation.

Blood letting
Blood letting

TOP : 8
Treatment : Electro Convulsive Treatment
Source : BBC
About : ECT has been used for years in psychiatry. It is now used only in severe cases of depression - often against the patient's will.

Electro Convulsive Treatment
Electro Convulsive Treatment

TOP : 7
Treatment : Malaria Treatment
Source : Nobel Prize Official Website
About : The high fevers caused by this life threatening disease can be used to treat other potentially fatal illnesses, such as neurosyphisis.

Malaria Treatment
Malaria Treatment

TOP : 6
Treatment : Urine therapy
Source : Daily Telegraph - UK
About : This "medicine" is used as a tonic for face and body. Fans include former Indian PM Morarji Desai, who drank a pint daily until he died at 99.

Urine therapy
Urine therapy

TOP : 5
Treatment : Laughter Therapy
Source : The Guardian
About : It is the best medicine : boosting stress busting chemicals and improving the immune system.

Laughter Therapy
Laughter Therapy

TOP : 4
Treatment : Maggot Treatment
Source : National Geographic
About : These nibblers are extremely effective at disinfecting the area they eat.

Maggot Treatment
Maggot Treatment

TOP : 3
Treatment : Face Transplant
Source : CBS
About : This surgery is rare and can dramatically help facial deformities. It was performed for the first time in 2005.

Face Transplant
Face Transplant

TOP : 2
Treatment : Smoking Therapy
Source : The Guardian - UK
About : There is evidence that smoking might help prevent the onset of various dementia, As the brain's chemical receptors are stimulated by nicotine.

Smoking Therapy
Smoking Therapy

TOP : 1
Treatment : Fecal Bacteriotherapy
Source L Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology
About : This treatment involves an enema and a "poop donor". It can help treat a diseased colon by adding healthy bacteria.

Fecal Bacteriotherapy
Fecal Bacteriotherapy

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