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Top 10 Earliest Computing Devices

Top 10 Earliest Computing DevicesComputing devices or machines are made to be able for us humans to compute and manipulate data more faster and without making our heads aching. Because of the early computing device inventions, evolution of such devices are still happening up until now in our present time.

We now have supercomputers, servers, digital calculators, and more advanced computing devices thanks to the early created computing devices.

Now for this top ten article, we are showcasing some of the earliest and oldest computing devices that paved the way to the computing devices that we are enjoying and we are conveniently using today. Have some time to read and check out the 10 listed early computing devices and machines below.

TOP : 10
Device : Hand-cranked Calculator Curta
Date Invented : year 1948
Inventor : Curt Herzstark

Hand-cranked Calculator Curta
Hand-cranked Calculator Curta

TOP : 9
Device : The Water Integrator
Date Invented : year 1936
Inventor : Vladimir Lukyanov

The Water Integrator
The Water Integrator

TOP : 8
Device : The Mallock Machine
Date Invented : year 1933
Inventor : Rawlyn Richard Manconchy Mallock

The Mallock Machine
The Mallock Machine

TOP : 7
Device : Arithmométre
Date Invented : year 1820
Inventor : Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar


TOP : 6
Device : Punched Card System
Date Invented : year 1801
Inventor : Joseph-Marie Jacquard

Punched Card System
Punched Card System

TOP : 5
Device : Difference engines
Date Invented : year 1800s
Inventor : Charles Babbage

Difference engines
Difference engines

TOP : 4
Device : Stepped Reckoner
Date Invented : year 1694
Inventor : Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Stepped Reckoner
Stepped Reckoner

TOP : 3
Device : Pascaline or Pascal's Calculator
Date Invented : year 1642
Inventor : Blaise Pascal

Pascaline or Pascal's Calculator
Pascaline or Pascal's Calculator

TOP : 2
Device : Chinese Abacus
Date Invented : 2nd century BC
Inventor : Chinese

Chinese Abacus
Chinese Abacus

TOP : 1
Device : Antikythera Mechanism
Date Invented : early 1st century BC
Inventor : Greek scientists

Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism

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