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Top 10 Unusual Historical Deaths

Top 10 Unusual Historical Deaths
Death is very certain for each and everyone of us people. We wouldn't know when is the time or where is the place we are going to leave this body and go to heaven or hell (if you believe in heaven and hell). Some people died in sickness, some died via suicide, some are killed violently, and others died very unusual or died beyond normal. This post is all about known people from the past who suffered death in a very unusual, uncommon or abnormal way.

TOP : 10
Name : Gyorgy Dozsa
Profession : Hungarian rebel
Death Date : died on 1514
Caused of Death : Half cooked to death on a hot iron throne then eaten alive by his co-conspirators as punishment for leading a peasant's revolt.

Gyorgy Dozsa
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TOP : 9
Name : Gouverneur Morris
Profession : American statesmen
Death Date : died on 1816
Caused of Death : Death caused by an attempt to unblock his urinary tract using a whale bone.

Gouverneur Morris
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TOP : 8
Name : Moliere
Real Name : Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
Profession : Playwright and actor
Death Date : died on 1673
Caused of Death : Died from a coughing fit shortly after starring as the hypochondriac in the play "The Imaginary Invalid". 

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TOP : 7
Name : Franz Reichelt
Profession : Inventor
Death Date : died on 1912
Caused of Death : Fell to his death after jumping off the Eiffel Tower to demonstrate the parachute suit he had invented.

Franz Reichelt
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TOP : 6
Name : Chrysippus
Profession : Philosopher
Deatd Date : died on 206 BC
Caused of Death : Supposedly died from a fit of laughter after his drunk donkey attempted to eat figs.

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TOP : 5
Name : Marcus Garvey
Profession : Black nationalist
Death Date : died on 1940
Caused of Death : Pan-African proponent who suffered a fatal stroke after reading a premature obituary about himself.

Marcus Garvey
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TOP : 4
Name : Harry Houdini
Profession : Magician
Death Date : died on 1912
Caused of Death : Already suffering from appendicitis, he challenged someone to punch him in the stomach. He died a few days later from a burst appendix.

Harry Houdini
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TOP : 3
Name : Tycho Brahe
Profession : Astronomer
Death Date : died on 1601
Caused of Death : Modern research points to mercury poisoning but historically his death ws attributed to bladder damage the result of his refusal to break etiquette and use the toilet during a banquet.

Tycho Brahe
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TOP : 2
Name : King Adolf Frederick
Profession : King of Sweden
Death Date : died on 1771
Caused of Death : Known as the king who ate himself to death. Died after eating a huge meal that included 14 servings of semla dessert.

King Adolf Frederick
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TOP : 1
Name : Attila the Hun
Profession : Ruler of the Huns
Death Date : died on 453 AD
Caused of Death : Choked to death on his own blood on his wedding blood - possibly the result of a particularly bad nosebleed.

Attila the Hun
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