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Top 10 Epic Military Stands in the History

Top 10 Epic Military Stands in the HistoryBattles from the past had reshaped the system of the present world. Some battles led to destruction of bad government while other led to kill thousands of people. Some battles are very iconic, wherein they are remembered and written in the world history while others are not noticed. In a battle, number always counts, the more men you have the higher the chances of winning the battle. But in some instances, number is just the second thing when it comes to war. Tactics or techniques also made the differences in winning or losing a battle. It can also delay an attacking enemy even though the defending country are outnumbered. Now for this top 10 post, we are showcasing some of the epic military stands in the history of our past world.

TOP : 10
Battle : Battle of Dien Bien Phu
Where : Indochina
Year : 1954
Description :
  • This French outpost was surrounded by over 40,000 Viet Minh troops. The 13,000 French soldiers held the position for 57 days before surrendering.
Battle of Dien Bien Phu
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TOP : 9
Battle : Fall of Constantinople
Where : Byzantium
Year : 1453
Description :
  • Outnumbered 10 to 1 by 80,000 Ottomans, the Byzantine capital fell after a 40-day bombardment. The Byzantine Empire had ceased to exist.
Fall of Constantinople
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TOP : 8
Battle : Battle of Shiroyama
Where : Japan
Year : 1877
Description :
  • Field Marshal Takamori Saigo and his force of 500 samurai were outnumbered 60 to 1. The 30,000 strong imperial army destroyed the last of the samurai.
Battle of Shiroyama
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TOP : 7
Battle : Battle of Rorke's Drift
Where : South Africa
Year : 1879
Description :
  • A British garrison of 140 men repelled repeated attacks from 3,000 Zulu warriors. The intense assault lasted 12 hours but the British held on.
Battle of Rorke's Drift
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TOP : 6
Battle : Battle of the Alamo
Where : Texas
Year : 1836
Description :
  • Some 4,000 Mexican troops laid siege to the Texans for 13 days. Few of the 200 defenders were spared when the fort fell.
Battle of the Alamo
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TOP : 5
Battle : Siege of Szigetvár
Where : Hungary
Year : 1566
Description :
  • A garrison of 2000 held this fortress against 80,000 Ottomans for a month. No defenders survived and 20,000 Turks died during the battle.
Siege of Szigetvár
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TOP : 4
Battle : Battle of Camaron
Where : Mexico
Year : 1863
Description :
  • A small company of French foreign legionnaires were attacked by Mexican forces. Most of the 65 legionnaires died whilst fighting the 2000 Mexicans.
Battle of Camaron
Image source

TOP : 3
Battle : The Battle of Wizna
Where : Poland
Year : 1939
Description :
  • A force of 720 Polish soldiers held up the entire German 3rd Army and its 350 tanks. The 3-day delay helped postpone the fall of Warsaw.
The Battle of Wizna
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TOP : 2
Battle : Battle of "Killer Hill"
Where : Finland
Year : 1940
Description :
  • A tiny force of 32 Finns held their position against 4,000 Soviet troops. Over 400 Red Army soldiers died and only 4 Finns survived.
Battle of "Killer Hill"
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TOP : 1
Battle : The Battle of Thermopylae
Where : Greece
Year : 480 BC
Description :
  • Some 7000 Greeks led by 300 Spartans defended against the Persians. Outnumbered by around 20 to 1, they were eventually surrounded and defeated.
The Battle of Thermopylae
Image source

That's some of the top 10 military stands in the history. You can really imagine how these brave men defended their beloved country even though they are outnumbered and facing inevitable death.


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