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Top 10 Most Popular Universities in the Philippines 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Universities in the Philippines 2014Here in the Philippines if you graduated from a good or popular university you will definitely get a good job. It really doesn't matter whether you have brain or not, as long as your university is popular, you are prioritized. Hmmm... no offense! Hahahahah.. Well, here are some of the top and most popular universities or colleges in the Philippines. Most of these universities got their name during the Spanish time.

TOP : 1
University Name : University of the Philippines Los Baños
Abbreviation : UPLB
Location : Jose R Velasco Ave, Los Baños 4031,Laguna
University Logo :

UPLB logo
UPLB logo

TOP : 2
University Name : De La Salle University
Abbreviation : DLSU
Website : www.dlsu.edu.ph
Location : 2401 Taft Ave, Manila 1004
University Logo :

DLSU logo
DLSU logo

TOP : 3
University Name : University of the Philippines Diliman
Abbreviation : UPD
Website : www.upd.edu.ph
Location : Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Metro Manila
University Logo :

UPD logo
UPD logo

TOP : 4
University Name : University of the Philippines System
Abbreviation : UP
Website : www.up.edu.ph
Location : Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Metro Manila
University Logo :

University of the Philippines System logo
UP Systems logo

TOP : 5
University Name : Ateneo de Manila University
Abbreviation : ADMU
Website : www.admu.edu.ph
Location : Katipunan Ave, Lungsod Quezon 1108
University Logo :

Ateneo de Manila University logo
ADMU logo

TOP : 6
University Name : University of Santo Tomas
Abbreviation : UST
Website : www.ust.edu.ph
Location : España Blvd, Maynila 1008
University Logo :

University of Santo Tomas logo
UST logo

TOP : 7
University Name : University of the Philippines Manila
Abbreviation : UPM
Website : www.upm.edu.ph
Location : Padre Faura St, Maynila
University Logo :

University of the Philippines Manila logo
UPM logo

TOP : 8
University Name : University of San Carlos
Abbreviation : USC
Website : www.usc.edu.ph
Location : Cebu City 6000
University Logo :

University of San Carlos logo
USC logo

TOP : 9
University Name : Aquinas University of Legazpi
Abbreviation : AQU
Website : www.aq.edu.ph
Location : National Hwy, Legazpi
University Logo :

Aquinas University of Legazpi logo
AQU logo

TOP : 10
University Name : Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Abbreviation : PUP
Website : www.pup.edu.ph
Location : Santa Mesa, Manila
University Logo :

Polytechnic University of the Philippines logo
PUP logo

That's the top 10 university in the Philippines as of year 2014. These universities are not only the top universities, they are also the most popular and universities with a real quality education to provide.

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