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Top 10 Free Email You Can Register (Gmail and Yahoo Alternatives)

Top 10 Free Email You Can Register (Gmail and Yahoo Alternatives)For this post we are showcasing some of the free email services that you can register and use for online transactions and sending private or public messages for your friends, business transactions, or whatever personal activities you are doing. Electronic mail or e-mail for short can be free or paid, but for this article I will only include email services which are all for free. Here they are guys.

TOP : 1
Email Provider : Google Inc
Email Service : Gmail
Email Website :
Email Extension :

Gmail, compared to Yahoo mail is more simpler and easier to load. And it has an option wherein you can switch into HTML view of your emails if you really have a terrible connection.

TOP : 2
Email Provider : Yahoo
Email Service : Ymail or Yahoo Mail
Email Website :
Email Extension :

Yahoo mail is the first ever free email service that I used when I was in college. But I already switched to Gmail that is why I do not know what's the latest updates Yahoo made for their Yahoo Mail.

TOP : 3
Email Provider : Microsoft
Email Service : Hotmail or Live
Email Website : or
Email Extension : and or

Another email that I already tried using is the which is under Microsoft. You can also try hotmail or live, if you just wanted to have a little different email extension other than @gmail or @yahoo.

TOP  : 4
Email Provider : Mail and Media Inc
Email Service : Mail
Email Website :
Email Extension :

I just tried this email service recently and so far so good. You can try this also guys.

TOP : 5
Email Provider : Mail and Media Inc
Email Service : GMX
Email Website :
Email Extension :

It is just the same as the The only difference is the email extension which is @gmx.

TOP : 6
Email Provider : Yandex
Email Service : Yandex
Email Website :
Email Extension :

TOP : 7
Email Provider : Muchomail
Email Service : Muchomail
Email Website :
Email Extension :

TOP : 8
Email Provider : Aol Mail
Email Provider : Aol Mail
Email Service : Aol
Email Website :
Email Extension :

TOP : 9
Email Provider : Xacti Group Companies
Email Service : Inbox
Email Website :
Email Extension :

TOP : 10
Email Provider : Facebook Inc
Email Service : Facebook
Email Website :
Email Extension :

If you have a Facebook account then you will automatically have a Facebook email account also. You can find your FB email by just viewing your profile (About). You can also just look your profile link, e.g. Just get your username and then add like this,

That's some of the top and most used email on the internet today. What can you guys? Try and check them now!

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Please be noted that the top 10 that we are including here in our blog are all unofficial rankings unless otherwise noted. Most of the top ten lists are based on Google search results and collected mainly from different blogs and websites around the internet world.

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