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Top 10 Philippine Cities/Places with the Most Number of Call Centers

Top 10 Philippine Cities/Places with the Most Number of Call CentersFor this post we are showcasing some of the cities and other places in the Philippines where there are much or concentrated numbers of Call Centers. This top 10 list is based on Call Center Directory of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. Here they are guys.

TOP : 1
Place/City : Makati
Call Center(s) # : 274

There are 274 call centers found in Makati
Image copyrights credited to George Tapan

TOP : 2
Place/City : Manila
Call Center(s) # : 150

There are 150 call centers found in Manila
Image source

TOP : 3
Place/City : Ortigas Center
Call Center(s) # : 141

There are 141 call centers found in Ortigas Center
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TOP : 4
Place/City : Quezon City
Call Center(s) # : 77

There are 77 call centers found in Quezon City
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TOP : 5
Place/City : Metro Cebu
Call Center(s) # : 44

There are 44 call centers found in Metro Cebu
Image source

TOP : 6
Place/City : Mandaluyong
Call Center(s) # : 32

There are 32 call centers found in Mandaluyong
Image source

TOP : 7
Place/City : Pampanga
Call Center(s) # : 31

There are 31 call centers found in Pampanga
Image source

TOP : 8
Place/City : Eastwood City
Call Center(s) # : 30

There are 30 call centers found in Eastwood City
Image source

TOP : 9
Place/City : Pasig
Call Center(s) # : 27

There are 27 call centers found in Pasig
Image source

TOP : 10
Place/City : Muntinlupa
Call Center(s) # : 24

There are 24 call centers found in Muntinlupa
Image source

That's some of the places in the Philippines where there much more numbers of established call centers companies.

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