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Top 10 Bizarre Jobs From History

Top 10 Bizarre Jobs From HistoryJobs will earn you money to spend for yourself or your family. Some jobs are hard and others are easy. Here in the Philippines, the easier your job is, the higher your salary but the dirtier your job is the lower your salary is. Unlike to other countries like the USA, the one who's job is dirty gets the more payment, correct me if I am wrong though. Some jobs are clean or legal, and other jobs are dirty or illegal. Some example of clean jobs are officeworks, programming, painting, singing, acting and many more. Examples of dirty jobs (not the illegal) are farming, plumbing, constructions and more. Now for this top 10 post we are going to discuss some of the bizarre jobs from the history.

TOP : 10
Job : Groom of the Stool
Description : Person who attended to all the crown's "bathroom" requirements. Thought to be in an enviable position, they were the king or queen's most intimate and powerful servant.

Groom of the Stool
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TOP : 9
Job : Knocker Up
Description : People hired to knock on people's windows with sticks, or sometimes pea shooters, until they were awake. Essentially, a human alarm clock.

Knocker Up
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TOP : 8
Job : Jester
Description : A clown to the court, hired to entertain the king. William the COnqueror's jester was reputedly the first casualty in the "Battle of Hastings". He was killed while juggling a sword.

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TOP : 7
Job : Wet Nurse
Description : The practice of breastfeeding someone else's baby. Popular in Europe from 1000 AD onwards, it was a major factor in spreading disease to infants.

Wet Nurse
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TOP : 6
Job : Leech Collector
Description : They would wade through water until bitten by leeches that were then removed and sold. Constant open wound, blood loss and muddy conditions made them prone to infections.

Leech Collector
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TOP : 5
Job : Professional Mourner
Description : Chinese custom prevalent since Emperor Wu of Han, 156 BC. They were paid to bring out emotion at funerals so relatives felt comfortable grieving.

Professional Mourner
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TOP : 4
Job : Fuller
Description : To produce softer cloth, wool used to be placed in a barrel of stale urine. A fuller's job was to spend all day trampling on the urine-soaked wool.

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TOP : 3
Job : Castrato
Description : Castrated male sopranos or contraltos who had unparalleled voices. Their limbs and ribs grew longer giving them better lung capacity.

TOP : 2
Job : Resurrectionist (Body Snatcher)
Description : Sold fresh cadavers for medical studies. In England, stealing possessions from corpses was always illegal, however, stealing the body itself wasn't outlawed until 1832.

Resurrectionist (Body Snatcher)
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TOP : 1
Job : Gong Farmer
Description : Gong farmers had to stand, sometimes up to their necks, in human excrement and collect it. They were only allowed to work at night and lived in designated areas.

Gong Farmer
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