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Top 10 Unexplained Medical Conditions

Top 10 Unexplained Medical ConditionsWarning : The article you are currently reading may have disturbing images not suitable for very young readers. Parental advice is recommended. Thank you!

Truly, human knowledge and abilities are very limited. There are phenomena, events and even medical conditions (diseases) that cannot be explained even by the most brilliant scientists, doctors, etc.. Some medical conditions are already existing and attacking people since the beginning of the human race while others are just new diseases with no cure available at all. Thanks to the scientists, doctors, researchers and all the concerned people who are dedicating their lives to discover cures for these illnesses. The sad thing is not all sickness can be healed by medicines, sometimes (most of the time) you need a miracle that only God can offer to survive death and start a brand new life. Now for this top ten article its all about the 10 unexplained medical conditions in the history. Have some time to read and checkout the 10 listed conditions below wherein the medical world considered them as mysteries.

TOP : 10
Condition : Spontaneous Human Combustion
Description : The human body bursts into flames without any sign of ignition. Numerous cases reported.
Source : BBC

Spontaneous Human Combustion
Spontaneous Human Combustion

TOP : 9
Condition : Morgellons Disease
Description : Victims complain of crawling skin and fibers in oozing open wounds. Some believe it's just a psychological delusion.
Source : Livescience and Daily Mail

Morgellons Disease
Morgellons Disease

TOP : 8
Condition : Moebius Syndrome
Description : Unexplained disease that hinders the development of facial nerves. Victims can't smile, frown and blink.
Source : National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes and Moebius Syndrome Foundation

Moebius Syndrome
Moebius Syndrome

TOP : 7
Condition : Encephalitis Lethargica
Description : So called "sleepy sickness" traps people in their own bodies. Sufferers become living statues - motionless and speechless.
Source : BBC

Encephalitis Lethargica
Encephalitis Lethargica

TOP : 6
Condition : Dancing Mania
Description : Medieval-era illness where people danced uncontrollably for weeks on end. Many died from exhaustion.
Source : BBC and Guardian - UK

Dancing Mania
Dancing Mania

TOP : 5
Condition : Nodding Disease
Description : Syndrome that emerged in Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda in the 1960s. It stunts growth and causes nodding seizures.
Source : BBC

Nodding Disease
Nodding Disease

TOP : 4
Condition : Pica
Description : The craving of non-food materials, such as dirt, paper, or hair. No definitive cause or cure has been found.
Source : Fox News

Pica Disease
Pica Disease

TOP : 3
Condition : English Sweating Sickness
Description : Disease that haunted Tudor England. It resulted in cascades of sweat, with death following within hours.
Source : ABC

English Sweating Sickness
English Sweating Sickness

TOP : 2
Condition : Exploding Head Syndrome
Description : Subjects suffer from a loud banging in the head - akin to a bomb going off. Its causes are unexplained, but it is often linked to stress.
Source : American Sleep Association

Exploding Head Syndrome
Exploding Head Syndrome

TOP : 1
Condition : Peru Meteorite Illness
Description : In 2007 a meteorite struck a remote part of Peru. Locals and scientists both started complaining of vomiting and headaches.
Source : Guardian - UK

Peru Meteorite Illness
Peru Meteorite Illness

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