Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top 10 Free Online Anonymous Proxies

Top 10 Free Online Anonymous ProxiesProxy, when it comes to the internet world, is a number or anonymous IP (internet protocol) address that is use to change your current or default IP address. You do this to be able to access blocked websites or just to hide your location while surfing the internet. Hiding your IP may have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that, you are more secure while surfing the internet while using your free online proxy. The disadvantage is you will not be able to browse some other websites that requires enabled cookies to be used.

Now for this top ten article, we are showcasing some of the most used, popular and free online anonymous proxies available in the internet. Have some time to read and checkout the 10 listed anonymous proxies below. Here are your top 10 free online anonymous proxies.

TOP : 10
Zend 2
Proxy Name : Zend 2
Website : https://www.zend2.com
Function : Online anonymous proxy server. Online proxy for watching movies, browsing youtube, downloading programs you can even surf facebook and myspace.
TOP : 9
Proxy Name : KProxy
Website : www.kproxy.com
Function : KProxy.com is helping hundreds of thousands of people daily protecting their privacy and identity online and giving access to censored websites.
TOP : 8
Hide My Ass!
Proxy Name : Hide My Ass!
Website : https://www.hidemyass.com
Function : Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts your internet connection. Avoiding the internet clampdown.
TOP : 7
Boom Proxy
Proxy Name : Boom Proxy
Website : www.boomproxy.com
Function : Unblock the internet quickly and safely with Boom Proxy. Surf behind our dedicated proxy server and keep yourself secure online.
TOP : 6
Free Online Proxy
Proxy Name : Free Online Proxy
Website : www.free-onlineproxy.com
Function : Secure your privacy while browsing the internet & browse blocked sites freely.
TOP : 5
Web Proxy
Proxy Name : Web Proxy
Website : www.prx.im
Function : Bypass firewalls and internet filters to browse the web freely, an anonymous proxy server to unblock websites like YouTube and Facebook.
TOP : 4
Online Proxy Free
Proxy Name : Online Proxy Free
Website : www.onlineproxyfree.com
Function : Online Proxy Free is a fastest web proxy for anonymous browsing. Hide your IP & location which helps you to secure your privacy & visit blocked websites.
TOP : 3
Sumrando Online Proxy
Proxy Name : Sumrando Online Proxy
Website : https://www.sumrando.com/proxy.aspx
Function : When you surf the web, anyone from advertisers to hackers to your Internet Service Provider, can see what you do online just by logging your IP address, surf anonymously using their service.
TOP : 2
Zend Proxy
Proxy Name : Zend Proxy
Website : www.zendproxy.com
Function : An online web proxy is a computer system or website that acts as the middle person between you and the Internet. An web proxy allows users to surf the Internet anonymously.
TOP : 1
Proxy Name : Ultrasurf [ Download here ]
Website : http://ultrasurf.us
Function : Originally created to help internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become one of the world's most popular anti-censorship, pro-privacy software, with millions of people using it to bypass internet censorship and protect their online privacy.

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