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Top 10 Real Ghost Photographed Images

Top 10 Real Ghost Photographed ImagesWhile making this top ten article, I felt a little scared because of the images that I collected from different blogs and websites on the internet. For this post we are showcasing some of the world's famous ghost images ever captured on cameras. Are you brave enough to see the 10 listed ghost photos below, or you just wanna see them with no emotion at all? Do you believe in ghost? Or these photos are just edited by someone and are all bunches of fakes? Well, its up to you to judge the images by yourself.

Now here are the top 10 real ghost photographed images. Enjoy the list guys and do not be scared like me. LOL!

TOP : 10
Ghost Image : The Brown Lady
Photographed by : Captain Provand

The Brown Lady
The Brown Lady

TOP : 9
Ghost Image : Lord Combermere's ghost
Photographed by : Sybell Corbet

Lord Combermere's ghost
Lord Combermere's ghost

TOP : 8
Ghost Image : Freddy Jackson ghost
Photo Published by : Sir Victor Goddard

Freddy Jackson ghost
Freddy Jackson ghost

TOP : 7
Ghost Image : Specter of Newby Church
Photographed by : Reverend K. F. Lord

Specter of Newby Church
Specter of Newby Church

TOP : 6
Ghost Image : The Back Seat Ghost
Photographed by : Mabel Chinnery

The Back Seat Ghost
The Back Seat Ghost

TOP : 5
Ghost Image : The Ghost of Boothill Cemetery
Photographed by : Terry Ike Clanton

The Ghost of Boothill Cemetery
The Ghost of Boothill Cemetery

TOP : 4
Ghost Image : Ghost in the Burning Building
Photographed by : Tony O'Rahilly

Ghost in the Burning Building
Ghost in the Burning Building

TOP : 3
Ghost Image : Choir Loft Ghost
Photographed by : Chris Brackley

Choir Loft Ghost
Choir Loft Ghost

TOP : 2
Ghost Image : Filipino Ghost Grip
Source : The Ghost Research Society

Ghostly Grip
Filipino Ghost Grip

TOP : 1
Ghost Image : Haunted Bureau
Photographed by : Montague Cooper

Haunted Bureau
Haunted Bureau

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