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Top 10 Bizarre Science Experiments

Top 10 Bizarre Science ExperimentsExperiments are good, if they are initially conducted for the benefits of many people. But experiments are bad if they are just for the sake of some evil-minded humans. For this top ten article, we are showcasing of the most unusual science experiments in history. Experiments included for this list are the two-headed dog, the ape and the child, dancing corpses, remote control bull and more.

Now have some time to read and check out the 10 listed experiments below. Here are your top 10 bizarre or unusual Science experiments.

Warning : This top ten article contains some words, terms, photos and graphics not applicable for very young audiences, parental guidance is recommended.

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TOP : 10
Experiment : Two-headed Dog
Source : Time Magazine
About : Vladimir Demikhov successfully grafted the head of a puppy onto the body of an adult dog. He created 20 such animals.

Two-headed Dog
Two-headed Dog

TOP : 9
Experiment : The Ape and the Child
Source : Nature, University of New Hampshire, Florida State University
About : In 1931, psychologist W.N. Kellogg raised a baby chimp alongside his infant son. By the end of the experiment, the baby would comprehend 68 words and the chimps 58.

The Ape and the Child
The Ape and the Child

TOP : 8
Experiment : Dancing Corpses
Source : Huffington Post, The Story of Electrical and Magnetic Measurements by J. Keithley
About : In 1970, Luigi Galvani discovered that electricity could prompt a corpse to twitch. His nephew, Giovanni Aldini, toured with the body of an executed murderer and made it dance for paying spectators.

Dancing Corpses
Dancing Corpses

TOP : 7
Experiment : Remote Control Bull
Source : Vale Scientific
About : Neuroscientist Jose Delgado fitted a stimoceiver into a bull's brain. It enabled him via radio controlled electrodes to control the bull and stop it from charging at him.

Remote Control Bull
Remote Control Bull

TOP : 6
Experiment : Disgusted Facial Expressions
Source : Virgin Media, Association for Psychological Science
About : In 1924, Carney Landis studied the expressions associated with disgust. He made subjects decapitate live rats, look at porn and put their hand into a bucket of frogs.

Disgusted Facial Expressions
Disgusted Facial Expressions

TOP : 5
Experiment : Ape Army
Source : MSN, The Sun - UK
About : The USSR carried out experiments to create human-ape hybrid soldiers. They failed due to unsuccessful insemination and the head scientist was taken to a prison camp.

Ape Army
Ape Army

TOP : 4
Experiment : Homosexual to Heterosexual
Source : Daily Telegraph - UK, Scientific American
About : Psychiatrist Robert Heath placed electrodes into a homosexual man's brain. Wired to enjoy heterosexual experiences, the subject eventually slept with a female prostitute.

Homosexual to Heterosexual
Homosexual to Heterosexual

TOP : 3
Experiment : Elephant Junkies
Source : Guardian, Daily Mail - UK
About : In 1962, University of Oklahoma researchers gave an elephant LSD - 3000 times the human dosage. It died after an hour. Others made strange noises when given lesser dose.

Elephant Junkies
Elephant Junkies

TOP : 2
Experiment : Testicle Weights
Source : Woollard H.M. and Carmichael E.R. - The Testis and Referred Pain -, Wall Street Journal
About : In 1933, Edward Carmichael and Herbert Woollard wanted to measure testicle pain. To do so, they stacked weights on their scrotums and recorded their reactions.

Testicle Weights
Testicle Weights

TOP : 1
Experiment : Vomit Drinking
Source : Daily Telegraph - UK
About : In the 1800's Stubbins Ffirth drank vomit and rubbed it on open wounds. He hoped to prove yellow fever was not contagious - not knowing it is actually transferred via mosquitoes.

Vomit Drinking
Vomit Drinking

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