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Top 10 Unexplained Facts About the Black Holes

Top 10 Unexplained Facts About the Black HolesFor this top ten article we are showcasing some of the unexplained facts about the black holes. Some of the facts included for this list are black holes can spin, they are dense, they have intense gravity, and more.

Now have some time to read and check out the 10 listed black holes facts below. Here are your top 10 unexplained facts about the black holes.

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TOP : 10
Fact : Black holes can spin. 'GRS 1915+105' spins over 950 times a second. Objects on its event horizon travel at approximately half the speed of light.

GRS 1915+105
GRS 1915+105

TOP : 9
Fact : Black holes are incredibly dense: one with the mass of the Earth would only be 9mm across. That's half the size of a penny.

Incredibly dense black hole
Incredibly dense black hole.

TOP : 8
Fact : To escape the pull of their gravity you must travel faster than the speed of light.

Black hole pulling a star
Black hole pulling a star

TOP : 7
Fact : Their gravity is so intense that it can slow down time. This is called gravitational time dilation.

Black hole gravitational pull
Black hole gravitational pull

TOP : 6
Fact : They break down mass into energy 50x more efficiently than nuclear fusion. Some pull matter from stars and eject it as giant bullets of plasma moving at 1/4 the speed of light.

Black hole power
Black hole power

TOP : 5
Fact : A black hole 30 million times the mass of the Sun has been found. It swallowed another black hole, 1 million times the Sun's mass, that drifted close by.

Amazing black hole
Amazing black hole

TOP : 4
Fact : Material caught in a spin around black holes is super heated by millions of degrees. Magnetism forces this material into 2 beams of energy, visible from millions of light years away. These active black holes are brighter than stars.

Inside the black hole
Inside the black hole

TOP : 3
Fact : A black hole's core continues to collapse, reaching "Planck Length". This is the smallest measurable unit in the universe.

Black hole's core
Black hole's core

TOP : 2
Fact : The oldest known black hole was born around 770 million years after the Big Bang. Scientists cannot understand how it became so massive so soon after the Big Bang.

Sagittarius A black hole
Sagittarius A black hole 

TOP : 1
Fact : Gravitational waves from merging black holes can cause wandering rogue black holes. One about 600 million times the Sun's mass is moving through space at 5.9 million mph (9.5 million kph) others like it are invisible to us.

Binary black holes
Binary black holes

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