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Top 10 Unusual Hangover Cures in the History

Top 10 Unusual Hangover Cures in the HistoryHangover is a very common effect after you drink alcoholic drinks the last night. Usually, you will feel the hangover effect in the morning once you wake up. Dizziness is one good example of hangover, your head is aching, and you feel your stomach is going to give all its water and food contents. Here in the Philippines, the best way to get rid of the hangover is by eating hot lugaw (porridge or gruel), hot mami noodles, and other food with hot soup. Follow your hot soup later with a cold drink (e.g., cold water, soft drink), why? Because you only need to get sweat and your hangover will be remove immediately. Now for this top ten article, its all about the unusual ways of people all around the world in how they cure their hangover. You will be amazed that even old folks have their own versions of hangover cures and remedies. Have some time to read and checkout the 10 listed cures below.

TOP : 10
Cure : Citrus Armpit
Country : Puerto Rico
How : To prevent hangovers, drinkers rub a slice of lemon into the armpit of their drinking arm.

Citrus Armpit hangover cure
Citrus Armpit hangover cure

TOP : 9
Cure : Tripe
Country : Romania
How : A breakfast of cow's stomach, boiled in a greasy vegetable soup is said to be a surefire way to shift a hangover.

Tripe hangover cure
Tripe hangover cure

TOP : 8
Cure : Raw Eel
Country : Medieval Europe
How : Doctors in the Middle Ages prescribed raw eel and bitter almonds to get rid of hangover.

Raw Eel hangover cure
Raw Eel hangover cure

TOP : 7
Cure : Rabbit Droppings
Country : United States
How : In the Old West, cowboys and cattle ranchers would sip on tea made from rabbit dung to heal their aching heads.

Rabbit Droppings hangover cure
Rabbit Droppings hangover cure

TOP : 6
Cure : Sheep Lungs and 2 Owl Eggs
Country : Ancient Rome
How : Chowing down on a breakfast of sheep lungs and two owl eggs helped the Romans recover after a party.

Sheep Lungs and 2 Owl Eggs hangover cure
Sheep Lungs and 2 Owl Eggs hangover cure

TOP : 5
Cure : Bird Beak
Country : Ancient Assyria
How : This old remedy involved consuming a concoction of ground birds beaks and myrrh.

Bird Beak hangover cure
Bird Beak hangover cure

TOP : 4
Cure : Canary
Country : Ancient Greece and Rome
How : The party animals of these two civilizations would eat fried canaries the morning after a night out.

Canary hangover cure
Canary hangover cure

TOP : 3
Cure : Guk
Country : Korea
How : This broth-like meal consisting primarily of oxblood and pork spine is a traditional Korean hangover cure.

Guk hangover cure
Guk hangover cure

TOP : 2
Cure : Sheep Eyes
Country : Outer Mongolia
How : This historical Mongolian remedy involves washing down a pair of pickled sheep eyes with tomato juice.

Sheep Eyes hangover cure
Sheep Eyes hangover cure

TOP : 1
Cure : Bull Genitalia
Country : Sicily
How : Eating the dried private parts of a bull is a renowned cure on this Italian island.

Bull Genitalia hangover cure
Bull Genitalia hangover cure

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