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Top 10 Facts That Make You an 80's Kid

Top 10 Facts That Make You an 80's KidFor this top ten article it is all about the 10 things and facts that make you an 80's kid. These facts are mostly all about the things that kids tend to always to do and follow every day. Have some time to read and checkout the top 10 listed facts below.

TOP : 10
Fact : You helped the world with Freddie Mercury at Live Aid.

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

TOP : 9
Fact : Dallas and Dynasty were the height of glamour and sophistication.

Dallas and Dynasty
Dallas and Dynasty

TOP : 8
Fact : Cell phones were bigger than your hear.

Cell phone of year 1980
Cell phone of year 1980

TOP : 7
Fact : You lost your youth to a Rubik's Cube. It remains unsolved.

Kids solving Rubik's Cube
Kids solving Rubik's Cube

TOP : 6
Fact : Everyone seemed to carry boomboxes and have break dancing battles.

Boombox and break dance group
Boombox and break dance group

TOP : 5
Fact : You spent your allowance saving Earth from Space Invaders.

Space Invaders
Space Invaders

TOP : 4
Fact : Leg warmers were both a stylish and practical accessory.

Leg warmers
Leg warmers

TOP : 3
Fact : You're still waiting for Mr. T to get on a plane.

Mr. T - wrestler
Mr. T - wrestler

TOP : 2
Fact : You remember when Michael Jackson was the king of pop.

Michael Jackson - "King of Pop"
Michael Jackson - "King of Pop"

TOP : 1
Fact : You'd shave off your mullet for a chance to ride.

Mullet hairstyle 1980's kid
Add captionMullet hairstyle 1980's kid

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