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Top 10 Dictators Who Died Violently by Alltime10s

Top 10 Dictators Who Died Violently by Alltime10sFor this post we are showcasing the top 10 people who decided to rule their country using force or the power of their position. They are the so called dictators that ever lived here on Earth. We called this top 10 list as the 10 dictators who died violently (maybe because of karma). Here they are guys!

TOP 1 :  Colonel Muammar Gaddafi
Born : 1942
Died : 2011
Rule : Various human rights abuses, severe repression and sponsorship of terrorism.
Country : Libya
Death : Killed by rebel forces

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi
Image source

TOP 2 : Benito Mussolini
Born : 1883
Died : 1945
Rule : Invaded Ethopia and Albania. Supported Hitler in World War II.
Country : Italy
Death : Executed by Italian partisans

Benito Mussolini
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TOP 3 : Julius Caesar
Born : 100 BC
Died : 44 BC
Rule : Alienated strongly republican senators with his success and ambition.
Country : Roman Republic
Death : Assassinated by members of the senate

Julius Caesar
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TOP 4 : Samuel Doe
Born : 1951
Died : 1990
Rule : Corrupt elections and numerous atrocities used to cling to power.
Country : Liberia
Death : Mutilated and executed by rebel forces

Samuel Doe
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TOP 5 : Rafael Trujillo
Born : 1891
Died : 1961
Rule : Killed his opponents and murdered thousands of Haitian migrants.
Country : Dominican Republic
Death : Assassinated while in transit

Rafael Trujillo
Image source

TOP 6 : Nicolae Ceausescu
Born : 1918
Died : 1989
Rule : Government characterized by nepotism. Civil liberties severely curtailed.
Country : Romania
Death : Execution by firing squad

Nicolae Ceausescu
Image source

TOP 7 : Anastasio Somoza Debayle
Born : 1925
Died : 1980
Rule : Maintained power through martial law. Opponents faced, torture, rape and murder.
Country : Nicaragua
Death : Assassination in exile.

Anastasio Somoza Debayle
Image source

TOP 8 : Laurent-Desire Kabila
Born : 1939
Died : 2001
Rule : Killed tens of thousands on route to power. Banned all opposition parties.
Country : Democratic Republic of Congo
Death : Assassinated by his bodyguard

Laurent-Desire Kabila
Image source located on photo

TOP 9 : Ion Antonescu
Born : 1882
Died : 1946
Rule : Responsible for a number of war crimes and up to four hundred thousand deaths.
Country : Romania
Death : Execution by firing squad

Ion Antonescu
Image source

TOP 10 : Saddam Hussein
Born : 1937
Died : 2006
Rule : Numerous human rights violations and mass murder of hundreds of thousands of people.
Country : Iraq
Death : Execution by hanging

Saddam Hussein
Image source

That's the top 10 dictators who died violently courtesy of Alltime10s via Youtube.

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Please be noted that the top 10 that we are including here in our blog are all unofficial rankings unless otherwise noted. Most of the top ten lists are based on Google search results and collected mainly from different blogs and websites around the internet world.

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