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Top 10 Assassinations That Shook the World by Alltime10s

Top 10 Assassinations That Shook the World by Alltime10sHere are the top 10 assassinations ever happened in the history of the world that led to many negative results for the people worldwide. Assassinations led to riots, killings of innocent people, and even war. Some said that other convicted assassins are not the real one. Other said, that the cases regarding these assassinations are already solved, while other assumes that some of the killings are led and planned by the Illuminati, like the killing of John Lennon, JFK and the latest who is Michael Jackson (although not included for this top 10 list). Here are your top 10 list guys!

TOP : 1
Name : Franz Ferdinand
Born : 1863
Died : 1914
Details :
  • Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Shot by Bosnian separatist Gavrilo Princip. His death would ultimately spark world war one.
Photo of the Assassinated :

Franz Ferdinand
Image source

TOP : 2
Name : Julius Caesar
Born : 100 BC
Died : 44 BC
Details :
  • Roman Statesmen. Stabbed 23 times by his political rivals in the senate. Led to demise of the Roman republic. 
Photo of the Assassinated :

Julius Caesar
Image source located on photo

TOP : 3
Name : Leon Trotsky
Born : 1879
Died : 1940
Details :
  • Communist Revolutionary. Ordered killed by his old rival Stalin. He was dispatched via an ice pick to the skull.
Photo of the Assassinated :

Leon Trotsky
Image source

TOP : 4
Name : Martin Luther King
Born : 1929
Died : 1968
Details :
  • Civil Rights Leader. Assassinated when James Earl Ray shot him through the neck. His deaths caused riots across the US.
Photo of the Assassinated :

Martin Luther King
Image source

TOP : 5
Name : John F. Kennedy
Born : 1917
Died : 1963
Details :
  • President of the United States. Murdered by Loner Lee Harvey Oswald. The reason for the killing is shrouded in conspiracy.
Photo of the Assassinated :

John F. Kennedy
Image source

TOP : 6
Name : John Lennon
Born : 1940
Died : 1980
Details :
  • Musician. Killed while returning home from an evening recording session. Shot by Mark Chapman, a deranged fan.
Photo of the Assassinated :

John Lennon
Image source

TOP : 7
Name : Mohandas Gandhi
Born : 1869
Died : 1948
Details :
  • Indian Indepedence Leader. Shot 3 times by a Hinu extremist. Motive was Gandhi's support for the partition of India.
Photo of the Assassinated :

Mohandas Gandhi
Image source

TOP : 8
Name : Malcolm X
Born : 1925
Died : 1965
Details :
  • Black Nationalist. Shot several times by three men belonging to the nation of Islam - Malcolm X's former organization.
Photo of the Assassinated :

Malcolm X
Image source

TOP : 9
Name : Lord Louis Mountbatten
Born : 1900
Died : 1979
Details :
  • British Royal Family. Assassinated while on holiday in Ireland. The IRA had planted a bomb on his boat.
Photo of the Assassinated :

Lord Louis Mountbatten
Image source

TOP : 10
Name : Abraham Lincoln
Born : 1809
Died : 1865
Details :
  • President of the United States. He was killed while attending the theater. His assassin, John Wilkes Booth, had known confederate sympathies.
Photo of the Assassinated :

Abraham Lincoln
Image source

That's your top 10 assassinations that really shook and changed the course of history of our world today.

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