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Top 10 Accidental Discoveries

Top 10 Accidental DiscoveriesHappening by chance, unintentionally, or unexpectedly are some of the synonyms for the word "Accidental". For this top ten we are showcasing some of the accidental discoveries of our time. Could you imagine the world without x-rays, LSDs, viagras, delicious chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, dynamites and other accidental discoveries? These amazing discoveries are really useful in our present time, wherein, without x-rays - how can we see our body's bone structure, without dynamites - how could we easily destroy abandoned tall and big buildings or even dig more faster and deeper into Earth's crust. The good thing is, most of the inventions are invented by chance, most of the time, hard work and dedication really paid off and thanks to these amazing and brilliant people, we now have accidental discoveries which are very useful in our everyday life.

TOP : 10
Accidental Discovery : Chocolate Chip Cookie
Who : Ruth Wakefield
Year : 1930
Source : Women Inventors, Le Cordon Biles Patisserie Foundations Classic Recipes
About : Wakefield ran out of baking chocolate while making cookies. Using a bar of sweet Nestle's chocolate instead, she invented a new treat.

Ruth Wakefield - Chocolate Chip Cookie
Ruth Wakefield - Chocolate Chip Cookie

TOP : 9
Accidental Discovery : The Potato Chip
Who : George Crum
Year : 1853
Source : Fox News
About : This snack is widely attributed to this disgruntled chef. Tired of a customer complaining about thick fries, Crum cut them extra thin.

George Crum - The Potato Chip
George Crum - The Potato Chip

TOP : 8
Accidental Discovery : Vulcanized Rubber
Who : Charles Goodyear
Year : 1839
Source : Discovery Channel, Invent Now,
About : Goodyear spent years trying to create a temperature resistant rubber. The breakthrough came after he split a rubber-sulphur mix onto a hot stove.

Charles Goodyear - Vulcanized Rubber
Charles Goodyear - Vulcanized Rubber

TOP : 7
Accidental Discovery : Bakelite
Who : Leo Baekeland
Year : 1907
Source : Popular Science, Discovery Channel
About : Baekeland was attempting to find a new electronic insulating material. By chance he created a moldable, temperature resistant synthetic - plastic.

Leo Baekeland - Bakelite
Leo Baekeland - Bakelite

TOP : 6
Accidental Discovery : Play-DOH
Who : Cleo and Joseph Mcvicker
Year : 1955
Source : Daily Beast
About : Originally created as wallpaper cleaner and coal dust remover. It was later discovered that kids loved to use it as modeling clay and play-doh was born.

Cleo and Joseph Mcvicker - Play-DOH
Cleo and Joseph Mcvicker - Play-DOH

TOP : 5
Accidental Discovery : Viagra
Who : Pfizer
Year : 1998
Source : BBC
About : Developed as a treatment for cardiovascular ailments but with poor results. Nearly abandoned until test subjects reported some frisky side effects.

Pfizer - Viagra
Pfizer - Viagra

TOP : 4
Accidental Discovery : Corn Flakes
Who : John Harvey Kellogg
Year : 1894
Source : Yahoo, The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink by A. Smith
About : Dr. Kellogg was trying to salvage some stale boiled wheat. He rolled it out and roasted the resulting flakes.

John Harvey Kellogg - Corn Flakes
John Harvey Kellogg - Corn Flakes

TOP : 3
Accidental Discovery : X-rays
Who : Wilhelm Roentgen
Year : 1895
Source : Popular Science
About : By chance, a standard experiment using cathode rays lit up a piece of card. Roentgen realized that images could be produced using this incredible radiation.

Wilhelm Roentgen - X-ray
Wilhelm Roentgen - X-ray

TOP : 2
Accidental Discovery : Dynamite
Who : Alfred Nobel
Year : 1868
Source : Science Daily, The Daily Beast
About : Nobel dropped a mix of nitroglycerin that didn't explode. Sawdust had made it stable, and the basis of dynamite had been created.

Alfred Nobel - Dynamite
Alfred Nobel - Dynamite

TOP : 1
Accidental Discovery : LSD (Lysergic acid Diethylamide)
Who : Albert Hofmann
Year : 1938
Source : BBC
About : LSD was produced during research into the medicinal uses of crop fungus. Hofmann accidentally ingested the drug and discovered its hallucinogenic properties.

Albert Hofmann - LSD (Lysergic acid Diethylamide)
Albert Hofmann - LSD (Lysergic acid Diethylamide)

That's the top 10 accidental discoveries of the past and the present world. These discoveries are really helpful today when it comes into our everyday life. What could have happened if these people didn't made mistakes in the time they are making such things? We can assume that there are no delicious chocolate chip cookies, x-rays and today. Leave your comments below if you have something to say.

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